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How to Support Stan’s Campaign With a Financial Contribution

Thank you for considering supporting Stan with a contribution. By law, Stan’s campaign is required to submit the following information to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance for every financial contribution received:


  1. Each Contributor’s name, address, city, state and zip code
  2. The Contributor’s occupation and employer. Some examples of occupations: Butcher, Baker, Physician, Lawyer, Truck Driver, Educator, Manager, Business Owner, Retired Professional Engineer, Registered Nurse, Dentist. (Under Kentucky's reporting laws, “Businessman” or “Self-employed” are not sufficient).
  3. If married, the name and employer of the Contributor’s spouse is required.


Step 1 – Submit Payment


Step 2 – Complete Required Form



Please note that the maximum contribution allowable by law is $2,000 per person, per election. If there is a primary election and a general election, they count as two separate elections. See, KRS 121.150(6).


The maximum cash contribution allowable by law is $100.


Corporate contributions are prohibited. See, KRS 121.025.



Some Other Ways to Support Stan's Campaign

  1. You can PLACE STAN’S CAMPAIGN YARD SIGN on your property.
  2. You can HOST A MEETING OR FUND-RAISER TO INTRODUCE STAN to your friends and neighbors.
    To do either or both of these, please SUBMIT THE FORM below.


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2304 Bonnycastle Avenue

Louisville, KY 40205

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